Privileged White Kids Tripping

We're a few kids who partake of mind altering substances in order to entertain ourselves, learn about ourselves, learn about each other, and unlock our imagination. The drugs we take break down many of the social and self constructed barriers to thought; they allow, and sometimes force us, to be honest, and open with ourselves in a way many people are scared to be; they unlock physical and visual sensations that are completely unavailable to a sober mind. Some of the stories here are silly, some are serious (but mostly silly), some are the result of or result in life defining moments. We take these drugs because we are lucky enough to be able to. We are better than you, not because we are better, but because we are better off.

New Study!

The use of LSD, magic mushrooms, or peyote does not increase a person’s risk of developing mental health problems, according to an analysis of information from more than 130,000 randomly chosen people, including 22,000 people who had used psychedelics at least once. The researchers found no link between the use of psychedelic drugs and a range of mental health problems. Instead they found some significant associations between the use of psychedelic drugs and fewer mental health problems.

LSD and Migraines

About a month ago, I was planning on seeing Galactic live. I was also planning on ingesting 0.5 hits of LSD. However, partway through the workday, I came down with a migraine. I’d only had two before in my life, so this was rather surprising. The visual blurring was so bad that I couldn’t even read. 

Aware of the fact that ergotamine has been used to treat migraines, I took a chance and dosed anyway. About when the LSD began to take hold, the migraine rapidly faded and did not return. Sweet!

Might be worth investigating if you suffer from migraines and are comfortable with LSD. However, I could imagine a nightmare scenario in which you dose with LSD and begin tripping…but the headache does not go away or even gets worse. 

LSD Microdosing

This post is rather late, but school/work has been rather crazy.

In January, I self-experimented with LSD microdosing. I’ve heard and read many accounts of people taking very high doses of LSD (“thumb-printing”), but I was curious about the effects of sub-perceptual doses. I wanted to know if there would be any noticeable or significant effects of taking LSD at doses far below those required to trip or get high for an extended period of time. 

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After some thought I have decided that I am going to go to my high school reunion on acid.


Sex on LSD is pretty silly.

We’re not dead.

Just really fucking busy. But I did pass my 2nd year qualifying exam, so I get to stay in graduate school to get a Ph.D!

Coming Soon posts from me:
-Summary of my LSD Microdosing experiment.
-Account of my 2nd Burning Man 2013 trip.
-Answering some reader questions.


Anonymous asked: If my sister is bipolar is it safe for me to take psychedelics?

Probably not. You would definitely be taking a risk. I suggest you consult a doctor, who knows much more than the proprietors of this blog.

I know that’s not the answer you want. Sorry. :/


So a girl came along and trapped a Leopard. 

As you age some parts of your life just disappear. For better or worse, big swaths of the past only matter for the moment. 

Fox Has An Epiphany

After a long discussion, that started with a disagreement. An argument, but a very friendly one.

Vixen: I feel like… I want to be right, but I can’t see any possible way that I can still be right.

Fox: that’s the way I like making people feel the very most.

Anonymous asked: I'm on 3 hits walking around listening to music. This is fucking awesome the world is inspiring. Something big is happening and you need to know.

Sounds like you’re on the right journey. Glad to hear Lucy is treating you well; she’s such a sweetheart.

Safe mind travels! Try to carry that positive perspective back into sobersville